6 jars by Makeshift needs you

There is still time to be part of the 6 Jars project by Makeshift for the Try This at Home exhibition.

Makeshift write: “You are cordially invited to become part of the revolution. It begins in your kitchen. Six volunteer households in the vicinity of Object (ie. Darlinghurst, Surry Hills, Redfern etc.) are required to form a pilot ‘6 Jars’ collective, making a commitment to circulating jars of homemade food or other household goods over the course of the exhibition. Each week the group will meet to exchange jars – everyone going home with an assortment filled by other members. Up for negotiation as the project unfolds are decisions about the contents of jars (organic, local, wild foraged, urban gleaned, vegan?), how and where weekly meetings take place (your place or mine, and is someone cooking?), and what equipment/resources people are willing to share (blenders, ovens, food processers, backyard produce…).

Makeshift, 2011, 6 jars, installation shot

Some aspects of the group’s journey will be tracked on this blog and in the gallery space. We would particularly like to include people who are willing to document their involvement via photographs and/or short written updates for the blog. However your interest in the project and commitment to trying something different and seeing it through for the three months of the exhibition are the most important criteria for selection. To get involved, email us right now at mailbox@makeshift.com.au with a brief description of why you’d like to be part of ‘6 Jars’.” See more about the 6 Jars project on their blog www.6jars.org and about their practice on the website www.makeshift.com.au.


Artists Talk at Object Gallery



Join participating artists Makeshift and the Slow Art Collective as they discuss the exhibition Try This At Home, in Object’s Project Space.

Both Makeshift and Slow Art Collective have taken an interactive approach in creating work for this exhibition, engaging with the local community around Object Gallery.

Makeshift will introduce their 6 Jars project giving you the chance to be part of a group of households that meet regularly as a collective with a commitment to circulating jars of homemade food or other household goods over the course of the exhibition, or even to initiate your own group.

Makeshift, 2011,6 Jars, installation shot.

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