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Curating Cities is a project that examines how the arts can generate and promote environmentally-beneficial behavioural change and influence the development of green infrastructure in urban environments. Based on the concept of curating as caring for space and deploying art to this effect, the project places creative disciplines at the heart of the planning process. It proposes curating as a method for solving practical urban issues of sustainability. Drawing on current examples in Sydney and around the world, Curating Cities will assess the ongoing and potential contribution of public art to eco-sustainable development and benefits to Sydney and cities in general.
Curating Cities is an Australian Research Council ARC funded Linkage project led by Professors Jill Bennett and Richard Goodwin, and Chief Curator Felicity Fenner of the National Institute for Experimental Arts (NIEA) at the University of New South Wales’ College of Fine Arts. Linkage Partners: City of Sydney, Object: Australian Centre for Design and Carbon Arts. Research Team: Jill Bennett, Felicity Fenner, Richard Goodwin, Jodie Newcombe, Adrian Parr, Margaret Farmer and Kerry Thomas.


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Final Post Farewell

This post marks the end of the blog. It also marks the end of the Try This at Home exhibition at Object Gallery.

The Curating Cities project will continue on for four more years and you can keep track of the many different projects, research, conferences and exhibitions of the project via the Curating Cities website.

If you wish to view any of the articles which were posted at this blog will be archived and still accessible on the interwebs indefinitely. I would strongly encourage everyone who has supported the website to keep it in mind as a research resource and to keep the discussion going via the Curating Cities Facebook page.

Thank you to all the contributors to who have donated their knowledge and skills to this resource. And thank you finally to the readers for taking the time to learn more about artists and communities who are driving sustainable practice into the processes and minds of the public.

Alexander Bellemore

Editorial Coordinator

The contributors are:

Lucy Ainsworth

Alexander Bellemore

Saskia Beudel

Margaret Farmer

Jodi Newcombe

Harper Poe

Katharine Rogers

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